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Why we exist

Our world is changing faster than ever. Current governance decisions will shape the rest of our lives. We believe we should help improve them.

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How we work

Kindness and collaboration come first. We connect students across faculties who care about a policy problem. With professors' mentorship, they analyse better policies for their problem.

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What we do

In 4 months, our teams pick a current policy, review proposed improvements, and present refinements to a field expert. Throughout, we support teams with mentorship from professors, interfaculty partners, and socials to make friends.

Our supporters

Many generous educators have contributed to our work

Kelly Anthony

Lecturer, School of Public Health

Paul Heidebrecht

Director, Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement

Lai-Tze Fan

Canada Research Chair, Technology and Social Change

Brian Doucet

Canada Research Chair, Urban Change and Social Inclusion

Chris Perlman

Associate Professor, Public Health Sciences

Sarah Turnbull

Assistant Professor, Criminology

Predrag Rajsic

Lecturer, Agricultural Economics

Elena Neiterman

Lecturer, Public Health Sciences

Paul Craig

Associate Professor, Aquatic Biology

Brent Doberstein

Associate Professor, Geography & Environmental Management

Research areas

Unsure what interests you? Reach out or check out more detailed topics here.

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